October 4, 2019/Media, Press, War Room

ROUNDUP: The Long List of Complicit Cornyn Choosing Trump Over Texas

Austin, TX — This week, John Cornyn was absolutely skewered for his complicit nature and his status as Trump’s “biggest ally.”

Whether it’s parroting Trump talking points on the Ukraine Scandal or sending out fundraising emails calling himself “Trump’s biggest ally,” Texans everywhere are noticing. Cornyn consistently chooses Trump over Texas.


For Partial Coverage of Cornyn’s No Good, Very Bad Week, see below:


Dallas Morning News 

  • “Cornyn has directly tweeted or retweeted criticism of the inquiry more than 50 times from his personal Twitter account over the course of the past week.”

  • “The tweets question the motivations of the whistleblower, who first called attention to the phone call, criticize Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who announced the inquiry last Tuesday, and accuse media coverage of the inquiry of being “disinterested in gathering the facts.”

  • “The Texas Democratic Party has also taken notice of Cornyn’s Twitter blitz, accusing Cornyn of “parroting” White House talking points on the impeachment inquiry in a Monday afternoon press release.”

Rivard Report:

  • “Now let’s look at John Cornyn today. From 2013 to 2018 he was Senate whip, a top lieutenant to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. A few days ago he used his bullhorn to amplify one of the key White House talking points in the impeachment controversy, tweeting: ‘How can you be a whistleblower if you are merely relying on what other, unnamed people are telling you, i.e., no personal knowledge?’”

  • “It is a cynical argument. That is exactly how, by necessity, reporters cover much of governmental action, and especially misdeeds. We are almost never invited in the room where people in power are misbehaving. We must rely, second hand, on witnesses who often reasonably feel the need to remain anonymous. Sometimes we rely on people who themselves only heard of the misdeeds from others.”

  • “He knows his argument is bogus.”

  • “Unfortunately, the John Cornyn that we knew when he was a judge here in San Antonio, and a Supreme Court justice and attorney general in Austin, has been thoroughly transformed by his years in toxic Washington, and in particular in the Trump conversion of the Republican Party. Maybe it’s time that he returns home and becomes a Texan again.”

Texas Observer

  • “Cornyn’s pursuit of power in Washington has apparently plateaued at a time when he could be at his most vulnerable heading into what may well be the most difficult reelection of his career. Powerful in Washington does not always translate to popular in Texas. Early polling suggests that most Texans don’t think much of anything about him.”

  • “At the state GOP convention in 2018, Cornyn reprised a version of his 2008 campaign video “Big John” to highlight his allegiance to ‘Big Don.’”

  • “When Trump’s actions more explicitly harm Texas—like his trade wars that hurt Texas farmers; his threats to shut down ports of entry, which would cause billions of dollars in damage to the state economy; the border wall that would seize Texans’ private land and exacerbate flooding in Texas border towns—Cornyn will either acquiesce, equivocate, or carefully limit his objections to policy, not the president.”


McClatchy DC:

  • “In a campaign email sent to supporters recently, Donald Trump Jr. called Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, President Donald Trump’s ‘biggest ally.’”

  • “According to a database compiled by FiveThirtyEight, a political statistical analysis site, Cornyn has voted in line with Trump’s position 95.4 percent of the time since Trump became president. Among all current members of the Senate, Cornyn votes in line with Trump the fourth most often, behind only Kevin Cramer, R-North Dakota, Shelly Moore Capito, R-West Virginia and Martha McSally, R-Arizona.”

  • “Cornyn’s campaign did not respond to requests for comment.”

  • “According to the same database, Cornyn votes in line with Trump more often than Republican senators Cruz, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, David Perdue of Georgia and Chuck Grassley of Iowa.”

  • The Texas Democratic Party pounced on Cornyn’s campaign email soon after it was sent, agreeing with Trump Jr.’s claim and encouraging residents to vote against Trump’s ‘enabler.’”

  • “‘For once, Donald Jr is telling the absolute truth: There hasn’t been a bigger ally to Donald Trump than Texas’ gutless and weak Senator, John Cornyn. From supporting Trump’s useless border wall, to defending and echoing Trump’s vile rhetoric on communities of color, to standing with Trump and refusing to stand against the NRA, there simply hasn’t been a bigger enabler to Trump than John Cornyn,’ the party’s communications director, Abhi Rahman, said in a statement.”

Texas Monthly:

  • “The president’s Republican defenders in Congress have started to look silly. That’s new. Silly is distinct from unserious, unwise, dishonest, or villainous. A politician may not want to be those things, but silly is worse. Often, people who lie or dissemble or feign ignorance do so from a position of strength—they know they can get away with it. But people who look foolish are rarely, if ever, strong.”

  • “Over the last week, Texas Republicans of all stripes have continued to say some odd things. But no member of the delegation has been so passionate in defense of the president as Senator John Cornyn, who is up for reelection next year.”

  • “Cornyn’s defense has been waged on countless fronts: On the Senate floor, in radio interviews, in discussions with reporters, and in dozens and dozens of tweets. But in a conference call last week with members of the press, Cornyn laid out perhaps his most complete thoughts on the Ukraine scandal, and got pressed on it just a bit. Speaking after the White House had dumped its documents, Cornyn began by saying it was ‘a strange world we live in’ because Nancy Pelosi had opened an impeachment inquiry before she and other Democrats ‘had any information, including a transcript of the call, and were relying strictly on reports.’”

  • “This was a peculiar line to use after the transcript had come out and had wholly justified the “reports” Democrats had apparently heard. “Further, we learn that the complaint was made by somebody who didn’t even have firsthand knowledge of the issue.” Again, a strange defense, given that the primary piece of evidence now in question was a transcript the president had himself released.”

  • “A reporter on the call challenged Cornyn. The senator was in fact wrong to say Zelensky mentioned Biden first: Trump did. “My memory was to the contrary, but the transcript obviously speaks for itself,” Cornyn said. Because other Republicans got this wrong too, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, it’s hard not to suspect that the fault was not with Cornyn’s “recollection” or “memory” but rather with the circulating talking points.”

San Antonio Current:

  • “In those tweets, Cornyn claimed the still-unidentified whistleblower has a political ax to grind, bagged on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for starting the inquiry and lambasted the media for cheerleading the process. He also seemed to back Trump’s claim that he should be able to unmask the whistleblower — a statement that’s drawn the ire of senior GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley.”

  • “The tweetstorm appears to be one more indication that Cornyn, first elected to the Senate in 2002 as a Chamber of Commerce-style Republican, has undergone a full Trumpkin transformation. At the state’s 2018 Republican convention, the senator even reworked his 2008 “Big John” campaign video to show his fealty to the “Big Don” now occupying the White House.”

  • “Cornyn is up for reelection in 2020, and Democrats have made a priority of flipping his seat. He also faces a primary challenge from Dallas investor Mark Yancey, who describes himself as a Ronald Reagan Republican.”

  • “Earlier this week, the Texas Democratic Party issued a statement blasting Cornyn for running interference for Trump, pointing out similarities between the senator’s statements and precise White House talking points.”

  • “Instead of taking the whistleblower complaint seriously, the Texas Dems argue, “Cornyn instead decided to repeat the tired Trump talking points in every form of media that he could.”

Texas Signal

  • “In public statements and legislation, Cornyn has done little hold drug companies accountable for their role in creating the opioid crisis. As a senior member of the Senate Finance Committee that oversees health policy, Cornyn has taken a punitive War-On-Drugs approach to the crisis, preferring to focus attention on where opioids are produced rather than ask why so many Americans are addicted to them in the first place.”

  • “In public statements and legislation, Cornyn has done little hold drug companies accountable for their role in creating the opioid crisis. As a senior member of the Senate Finance Committee that oversees health policy, Cornyn has taken a punitive War-On-Drugs approach to the crisis, preferring to focus attention on where opioids are produced rather than ask why so many Americans are addicted to them in the first place.”

  • “The reason behind Cornyn’s skittishness when it comes to holding pharmaceuticals accountable may have to do with the fact that he received a $6,000 contribution from Johnson & Johnson while the Oklahoma trial against the company was happening — a small slice of the $881,615 he’s received from pharmaceutical industries throughout his career.”

  • “Additionally, Cornyn’s long-time chief of staff, Beth Jafari, previously worked as a lobbyist for Purdue Pharma while the company and its painkiller, OxyContin, were being investigated in the early 2000s by the Government Accountability Office and Congress for how the drug was marketed and abused (coincidentally, Purdue Pharma declared bankruptcy last month as it faces thousands of lawsuits across the country for its role in the opioid epidemic).”

Gina Calanni

  • Yesterday, John Cornyn hosted an event on the expiration of the Debbie Smith Act. He proceeded to spend the entire hour blaming Democrats for the expiration of the Debbie Smith Act, while failing to acknowledge that Democrats have reauthorized the Act multiple times in the Violence Against Women Act, legislation which John Cornyn has voted against twice. He wouldn’t allow the only female Representative at the event, Gina Calanni, a seat at the table discussion.


Cornyn Continues His Desperate Attempts to Defend the Trump Campaign At All Costs.