April 16, 2020/Media, Press

ROUNDUP: Texas Democratic Party Shifts Organizing Program During Coronavirus Pandemic

Austin, TX — Last month, the Texas Democratic Party unveiled its new “Organizing During the Time of Coronavirus” program including the introduction of the Texas Democratic Party’s online platform, Connect Texas.

News Outlets have begun to notice.

For Partial Coverage of the Texas Democratic Party’s Connect Texas plan, see below:

Dallas News:

“The Texas Democratic Party on Monday will shift its political organizing program into an online resource for Texans looking for information about the novel coronavirus outbreak in the state.

“The party will launch an online public program called “Connect Texas” that will create forums for Texans in the state’s 254 counties to get information about the coronavirus in their area and others; start online and phone webinars and town halls with candidates, elected officials and public health officials; and use the online community to give Texans information on food banks, nonprofits and other resources they can access during the public health crisis.”

Austin Chronicle:

“With connections broken, a lack of clear and prompt guidance at the statewide level, and Texans feeling anxious and isolated, the TDP rebooted its organizing machine as “a service organization,” Stitilis says, “to inform, empower, and connect Texans so that they’re not bystanders who aren’t getting the information or sense of security they need.” This is all being done virtually, of course, anchored by the statewide ConnectTexas online communication hub – a multichannel Slack platform created less than a month ago that has about 1,300 users onboard as of this writing.”

Texas Tribune:

“The Texas Democratic Party announced Monday it is shifting its 2020 Organizing Program to an online service outlet in response to the new coronavirus spreading throughout the state.

ConnectTexas, the party said, will become “a hub for all Texans to connect, share, and unite” Texans by providing “community members, candidates, campaigns and local elected officials” a space to “discuss common solutions, ask questions of each other and build connections with their neighbors and others statewide that wouldn’t have existed otherwise.”

Houston Chronicle:

“The Texas Democratic Party, meanwhile, says it is reworking everything, launching a fully digital organizing project that will include a new Nextdoor.com-style website where people can post about everything from politics to what’s happening in their communities during the pandemic. They say they’re doing aggressive outreach to get people on it. And the party says it is starting weekly calls with groups in all 254 Texas counties.”

Texas Signal:

“With campaigns up and down the ballot disrupted by the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, Texas Democrats are trying to keep the ball rolling and continue preparation for the party’s offensive in November. This week, Texas Democrats announced a series of new initiatives that will allow the party to continue organizing and informing voters despite social distancing requirements.”

Corpus Christi Caller-Times:

“Olivia Stitilis, the organizing director for the Texas Democratic Party, is redoubling online and phone outreach to connect with Democrats or would-be Democrats in all of Texas 254 counties.”

To learn more about Connect Texas or to or to speak with Texas Democratic Party Organizing Director Olivia Stitilis, please contact Abhi Rahman at 720-299-0654 or via email at [email protected].