August 2, 2019/Media

Roundup: Retirements, Infighting, and Low Poll Numbers — Texas Republicans’ No Good, Very Bad, Horrible Week

Texas Democrats are Poised to Win

Austin, TX — It’s hard to remember a worse week for Texas Republicans than the week of July 29, 2019. From Monday through Friday, the bad news just kept on coming — and coming and coming for Texas Republicans up and down the ballot.

Between retirements, infighting, and polls that showed Texas Republicans losing across the ballot, one thing has become abundantly clear: Texas Republicans are in decline and Texas Democrats are on the rise.

For a chronological timeline of the Texas Republicans’ terrible week, see below:

Monday: John Cornyn gets called out for his lie on protecting Texans with pre-existing conditions.

Tuesday: New polling comes out showing nearly every Democratic contender defeating Donald Trump in the state of Texas. John Cornyn’s polling rating drops to an abysmal 25%. 

Wednesday: Fort Bend State Rep. John Zerwes retires. Congressman Mike Conaway announces his retirement. Digital ads hit John Cornyn for his record on health care and taking over $1.7 million from pharmaceutical and insurance industry donors the past twenty years in Washington. 

Thursday: Congressman Will Hurd announces his retirement.

Friday: Cornyn-endorsed John Ratcliffe gets removed as the nominee for the Department of National Intelligence. 

All Week: Oh and you might have heard, infighting and allegations roil the Republican caucus.

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement:

“Texas Republicans had their worst week in decades. We’re still over 15 months out from the election, and Texas Republicans are on their heels. This is only going to get worse for them, and we would not be surprised to see more Texas Republican retirements up and down the ballot before 2020.

“Texans are demanding leaders who will fight for them on issues like healthcare, education, and the economy. That’s why Texas Democrats are poised to win. While Republicans flail and run scared, the Texas Democratic Party is focused on registering new voters, organizing, mobilizing, and fighting for a fair shot for all.”