July 19, 2019/Media, Press, War Room

Roundup: John Cornyn’s Gutless, Spineless Week

Austin, TX — John Cornyn had another gutless week. As Donald Trump and his supporters spread racist and hateful language, John Cornyn stood on the sidelines and refused to take a stand on any of it.

Cornyn also backed down to pharmaceutical industry and lied about his position and record on protection pre-existing conditions.

For a day-by-day view of John Cornyn’s gutless week, see below:

Cornyn refuses to comment all day on Trump’s racist comments to Representatives Omar, Pressley, Tliab, and Ocasio Cortez. When finally reached for comment, instead of standing up to racism, Cornyn called it an “unforced error” adding “I don’t think the President is a racist.”

A new report shows that John Cornyn bowed down to the pharmaceutical industry, pulling an “about face” on lowering prescription drug prices after getting “pressured” by Senator Thom Tillis and big pharma.


Shot: On twitter, John Cornyn stated: “The big lie. We all support coverage for pre-existing conditions”

Chaser: Cornyn repeatedly refuses to oppose Republican lawsuits that would rollback rules protecting people with pre-existing conditions. Cornyn has also repeatedly voted against protecting pre-existing conditions.

Floored: Once known as Affordable Care Repeal’s “Top Salesman” John Cornyn refuses to speak out against Texas v. United States, the latest Texas Republican attempt to take away health care for as many as 133 million Americans with preexisting conditions.


When asked about Trump’s crowd chanting “send her back”, John Cornyn tried to plead ignorance instead of standing up against racism.

VOX: “When pressed on whether Trump had a responsibility to stand up against racism, Cornyn was silent.”

Cornyn still refuses to condemn “send her back chants.”