September 13, 2018/Media, Press

Republican Rep. Pete Olson Frighteningly Ill-informed About 9/11 Attacks

Austin, TX –  In case you missed it, Jeremy Wallace of the Houston Chronicle published a story that Texas Republican Pete Olson told a crowd of almost exclusively Indian-Americans that the September 11th attack was carried out by terrorists from Pakistan. Friendly reminder, none of the hijackers on September 11 were Pakistani. [Houston Chronicle, September 12, 2018]


  • Olson said he misspoke, but “Democratic opponent, Sri Preston Kulkarni, says he sees something more cynical in Olson blaming Pakistan while speaking to a predominately Indian-American crowd. Pakistan and India have had decades of tension over disputed territory between the two countries.”

  • Kulkarni, a former foreign service officer, said, “when our elected officials do not understand the basic facts of foreign policy, we divide our citizens and risk the lives of our troops.”

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Texas Democratic Party Communications Director Tariq Thowfeek issued the following statement:

“The course of history was changed after September 11 and 17 years later Pete Olson still can’t get the facts right. Pete Olson’s remarks to his own constituents were offensive and divisive, Texans deserve better. It’s clear that Texas Democrat Sri Kulkarni has the decency, values, and experience to give folks in the 22nd District a representative they can be proud of.”