August 5, 2020/Media, Press

REMINDER: Texas Is First in Daily New COVID-19 Cases and Deaths, Has Surpassed New York in Overall COVID-19 Cases

Trump and Abbott Continue to Fail to Lead

Austin, TX — Today, Texas is number one in the country for daily new coronavirus cases and new deaths, while overall cases have surpassed New York’s.  Texas is now third in the country for overall cases.

This is pitiful and disgraceful. Instead of fighting the coronavirus and working to get ahead of new outbreaks, Trump and Abbott have essentially surrendered and are now trying to open Texas schools back up before we are ready.

Texans Deserve So Much More. 

Texas Democratic Party Communications Director Abhi Rahman issued the following statement:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shown to light Republican incompetence and failure at all levels of Government. Texas is the most dangerous state in the country to live in because of Donald Trump and Greg Abbott’s failures on the federal and state levels. Now Texas is first in new COVID-19 cases and deaths and has surpassed New York and California for overall cases. That is unacceptable. Trump, Abbott, and every Texas Republican must pay for their incompetence.

“In every single way, Trump and Abbott have failed Texans on the coronavirus crisis. Republican policies continue to not work. Due to Republicans downplaying the virus, putting Texans at risk prematurely, and being late acting on this virus, Texans are suffering.

“To end COVID-19, it is clear that we cannot have Republicans in control of any level of Government. They have been in power in Texas for twenty years and have failed. We must elect Democrats up and down the ballot, starting with Joe Biden at the top all the way to local and county elections across the state. Our future as a state and as a country depends on it. Texans, vote blue across the ticket this November.”