February 18, 2021/Media, Press

Remember the Real Issues at Stake: Hundreds of Thousands of Texans Remain Without Power, Over 12 Million Texans Are Without Safe Water; and Millions Are Facing a Food Crisis

AUSTIN, Texas —  As reported by the Texas Tribune, first Texans lost their power. Now, they’re losing their potable water.

“Approximately 590 public water systems in 141 Texas counties have reported disruptions in service, affecting 11.8 million people as of late Wednesday afternoon, according to a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality spokesperson.”

Meanwhile, Texas under Governor Abbott’s leadership, can be defined in one simple tweet:

This is incompetence at the highest level. 

Texas Democratic Party Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Abbott’s inaction has cost Texas families everything. Days of inaction have led Texans from one crisis to another: from freezing weather to days of power outages to evacuations to food insecurity and now: Texans don’t have safe water. Nearly 12 million Texans across the state are being asked to boil their water, though many have no or low water pressure or unreliable power, if any. This is a failure from our state government at a scale that cannot be understated.

“This is far beyond partisan politics. This is a question of whether or not we require basic competency in our government. Texas voters will remember these failures and hold Republicans accountable in 2022.”