March 27, 2019/Media

RELEASE: Yet Again, Texas Republicans Refuse to Pursue Common-Sense Medicaid Expansion

Yet Again, Texas Republicans Refuse to Pursue Common-Sense Medicaid Expansion


Texas Republicans Once Again Choose to Deny 1.1 Million Texans The Right to Health Care Coverage, Including Over 600,000 Children


AUSTIN T.X.–Moments ago, the Texas Republican Party rejected an amendment filed by Rep. John Bucy III that would give Texas the opportunity to pursue common-sense Medicaid Expansion, legislation that would allow over 1.1 million more Texans the right to health care coverage, including over 600,000 children.


Texas is currently ranked dead last in health care coverage and has the highest uninsured rate in the country. Nearly 4.3 million Texans are uninsured. Additionally, Texas loses nearly $100 Billion per year in federal funds to states like California and New York by refusing to expand Medicaid.


Despite these deadly statistics and lost revenue, Texas Republican legislators refuse to support this long-overdue, common-sense Medicaid Expansion legislation.


Texas House Representative John Bucy III issued the following statement:


“Expanding Medicaid is something we can do right now that would fundamentally transform the lives of our fellow Texans and their families. It’s time to bring our tax dollars back to Texas, stop leaving billions of dollars in federal funding on the table, and ensure every person is able to access the healthcare they need.”


Texas Democratic Party Communications Director Abhi Rahman issued the following statement:

“Texas’ healthcare system continues to deteriorate while Republicans play politics with Texan’s healthcare. Lives are on the line. Ranking dead last in health-care coverage, Texas is in dire need of Medicaid expansion immediately.


“Our children and low-income families can’t wait any longer. Texas Democrats believe healthcare is a fundamental human right for all Texans, not a privilege reserved just for those able to afford it.


“We applaud Representative Bucy for his leadership and willingness to fundamentally revolutionize the lives of everyday Texans.”