August 5, 2019/Media, Press

RELEASE: The Texas Democratic Party on White Nationalist Terrorism in El Paso

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa and Texas Democratic Party Vice Chair Dr. Carla Brailey issued the following statement:

“White nationalist terrorism is present and it is deadly. Texans are dying because of it. We must expose it, and we must stop it.

“Racist ideologies mixed with recklessly weak gun policies that allow weapons of war into the hands of evil people have resulted in the death of our fellow Texans. We must demand change at every level of government.

“This is about race and gun violence in America, both. Texans cannot shy away from that. We must rise to meet this challenge. Across Texas today, parents are worried if their children are going to come back from school and are concerned that their kids can’t safely walk the streets of their neighborhoods. They’re worried about whether anyone is safe at concerts, movie theaters, parks, or even while running day-to-day errands. Our friends and our families are face-to-face with an epidemic that we must all acknowledge and confront. Lives across our country continue to be lost every single day we fail to bring about substantive reform.

“We must also confront the fact that racism is all too prevalent in America and it must be shamed and defeated. It has been perpetuated and fueled by the President of the United States and spread by Republicans in Texas. For far too long Republican politicians, especially those in Texas, have stoked fears, deepened racial divides, and politically profited from hatred against a rising Texas electorate and new demographics. Now, we see the deadly consequences of these tactics.

“Texas Democrats are mourning, sad, frustrated, and angry, but we will never be broken. We are hopeful because we believe in Texans. We know that Texans will fight for one another and that we will march forward. We know Texans will not break, that we will rise up, and lead our nation.

“Governor Abbott says that we need to focus on memorials, before we start on politics. That is the kind of weak leadership and lack of urgency that fails to recognize the epidemic we are all facing. Senator Cornyn says that we don’t have the answers to solve this problem. That is flat out wrong, as every other country in the world has figured out how to prevent mass gun deaths. People are dead, because there is a severe lack of moral obligation in the Texas Capitol and Washington, D.C. to deliver real change. Enough is enough. We must act.

“The Texas Democratic Party calls on the Republican Party of Texas, its leadership, and its elected officials to eradicate white supremacist language from their discourse. We call on the Republican establishment to work with Texas Democrats and pass real solutions to end gun violence and defeat systemic racism in our society. Real, meaningful solutions are needed, because half-measures only continue to leave our families under threat.

“This is on all of us. The eyes of the world are watching.”