May 5, 2020/Media, Press

RELEASE: The Texas Democratic Party on Abbott Continuing to Prematurely Reopen Texas

Austin, TX — Today, following the bombshell leak of an audiotape where Governor Abbott admitted that by prematurely reopening Texas, he’s putting Texans’ lives at-risk, Abbott held a press conference today announcing the reopening of more industries before Texas is ready.

Since Governor Abbott announced the opening of Texas, we have seen four straight days of over 1000 new cases and some of the highest death totals since the coronavirus crisis began. 

Because of Republican governors like Abbott recklessly reopening their states too early, even optimistic models now predict that deaths will double by August.

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement:

“After being caught privately admitting that opening up Texas too early would lead to more cases and deaths, Governor Greg Abbott decided to do it anyways and announce the premature opening of more of the state.

“Republicans like Greg Abbott are not here to protect your family. All they care about is making sure their billionaire donors’ interests are protected. Governor Abbott said that he would reevaluate opening Texas up but after four straight days with over 1000 new cases and some of the highest death totals since the crisis began, Abbott decided to throw data and science out the window and continue to fight for his lobbyists and billionaire donors.

“Texans deserve leaders who will fight for them and keep them safe. Governor Abbott has shown time and time again that what he knows in private is not what he says in public. Governor Abbott has mismanaged this crisis from day one.”

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