August 29, 2019/Media, Press

RELEASE: Texas Democrats on Governor Abbott Finally Acknowledging, Not Apologizing For His Racist Fundraising Mailer Sent One Day Before the El Paso Shooting

Abbott: “Mistakes Were Made”

Austin, TX — Today, Republican Governor Greg Abbott hosted the second meeting of his Texas Safety Commission. During this meeting he acknowledged for the first time publicly his racist, anti-immigrant, anti-Latino fundraising mailer sent the day before the El Paso shooting. While these roundtables are a step in the right direction, Governor Abbott still has not apologized for this racist fundraising mailer and he has yet to pledge to eliminate white supremacist language from his discourse.

Governor Abbott has had more than 15 opportunities to apologize for the mailer and commit to rooting racism out of his office and his Republican Party. 

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement:

“The first step in solving a problem is admitting we have one. In that respect, this Texas Safety Commission meeting is a step in the right direction. However, let’s be clear: Governor Abbott and the Republican Party’s white supremacist rhetoric, like that seen in Abbott’s fundraising mailer the day before the El Paso shooting, continues to be a major part of the problem. Governor Abbott refuses to apologize for this racist fundraising mailer and won’t answer questions about ending his racist rhetoric immediately.

“Texans expect actions and solutions to curb racism, white supremacy, and gun violence in our state and in our country. Governor Abbott has an apology to make. The eyes of the world are on us.”