June 2, 2020/Media, Press

RELEASE: Texas Democratic Convention Host Panels Women Doing the Work and Workers and their Stories

Austin, TX — Today, on day two of the Texas Democratic Convention, the Texas Democratic Party hosted panels titled Women Doing the Work and Workers and their Stories.

Women Doing the Work


Moderated by Ashley Cheng, Co-Host of The Rabble, featuring panelists Tarrant County Commissioner Devan Allen, Annie’s List Executive Director Royce Brooks, Planned Parenthood Texas Votes Executive Director Dyana Limon-Mercado, and former Political Director for Julián Castro’s Presidential Campaign Natalie Montelongo.


Today, we’re proud to have brought together some of the influential women in Texas politics. The powerful, inspiring women on this stage shared their own experiences, as well as addressed some of the challenges women still face.

Many women still face barriers to economic equality, workplace opportunity, healthcare, and more. Texas Democrats are committed to closing the pay gap, fighting for paid leave, making child care affordable, ending violence and sexual harassment against women, championing healthcare for all, protecting women’s health and reproductive rights, and electing more women to office.

Devan Allen issued the following statement: 

“I don’t forget that feeling of what it’s like to go hungry or to be worried where you’re going to lay your head. So with each decision I make, I try to think about, ‘does this serve this community that is equitable and sustainable?’”

Dyna Limon Mercado issued the following statement: 

“Growing up in a predominantly Latino neighborhood and going to school that is extremely affluent and white, that’s when I first saw the dichotomy of how these two different systems exist because of where you live and the color of your skin. I was just too young to figure out the words about why I felt so frustrated and angry for such a long time.”

Natalie Montelongo issued the following statement: 

“Your life experiences shape what you prioritize in your own personal careers and craft your moral compass. So when you see someone like Donald Trump win the presidency, it becomes like a personal vendetta.”

Royce Brooks issued the following statement: 

“It’s not rocket science. Politics is people, [and] it’s commitment, time, and passion. It serves the folks who have power to make everybody else think it’s rocket science so that others don’t try to exercise the power that they, in fact, hold.”

Workers and Their Stories 


Moderated by Texas AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Montserrat Garibay, featuring panelists President of UNITE HERE Local 23 Marlene Patrick-Cooper, American Federation of Government Employees District 10 National Vice President Cheryl Eliano, Communications Workers of America Legislative Director Derrick Osobase, and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 583 Business Manager Leticia Marcum.


Texas Democrats know the economy thrives when we invest in our people. Everyone does better when we have a healthy, well-educated, and well-compensated workforce.

We believe in building an economy that works for all Texans, not just corporations. We do right by working families when we treat employees like the neighbors, friends, and families that they are. Our values and our Texas Democratic Party platform call on us to deliver economic solutions and fight arm-and-arm alongside the Labor Movement in support of the hard-working Texans they champion.

Montserrat Garibay issued the following statement: 

“Texas Democrats know that the economy thrives when we invest in our people. Everybody does better when we have a healthy, well-educated, and well-compensated workforce.”

Derrick Osobase issued the following statement: 

“We’re at a point in time where working America has to make a decision about the values we put in front of our elected officials and hold them accountable for it. My hope is that with the defeat of Trump, the next administration — and Democrats in general — leads with those values and usher in a new way of not only how we view the economy but how we treat each other.”

Cheryl Eliano issued the following statement: 

“Not that we didn’t understand the importance before now, but facing the possibility of losing your health insurance or not being able to return to work [because of the epidemic] reminds us of just how serious this movement is and how much is at stake. That’s why we must mobilize and collectively fight for workers’ rights.”

Leticia Marcum issued the following statement: 

“Being able to help people is what motivated and inspired me [to get involved in this movement]. I want to help workers achieve the American Dream and have a better quality of life.”

Marlene Patrick-Cooper issued the following statement: 

“All of us are collectively doing the right thing because we have hope, even in the midst of this [pandemic]. When we get to the other side, everybody is going to be watching to see who is standing front in center with the workers.”