February 14, 2020/Media, Press, War Room

RELEASE: John Cornyn Chooses Trump Over Texas Again and Again This Week

Austin, TX — In what has become his go-to move, all week John Cornyn chose to defend Trump over Texas families, democratic norms, and our Constitution.

Listed below is a week’s worth of Cornyn defending Trump at all costs, regardless of the consequences. 

Monday — Donald Trump proposes massive cuts to crucial Texas programs like Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. John Cornyn says nothing.

Tuesday — Cornyn defended Trump’s firing of Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vinman, saying “that’s within his prerogative” to retaliate against public servants who have served the United States, regardless of party, for decades.

Wednesday — Cornyn says “he doesn’t think Trump crossed a Constitutional line” and is “unbothered” amidst four federal prosecutors withdrawing from the case against President Trump’s convicted political confidant after Attorney General Barr and top Justice Department officials undercut them and pushed for a lighter sentence.

Thursday — Cornyn votes against the bipartisan War Powers Act, intended to limit Trump’s Iran war powers. 

Why is Cornyn attaching himself to Trump’s hip? 

Maybe because of a poll today that yet again has his approval underwater, with 39% disapproving of the job he’s doing and 25% having no opinion of him at all, despite spending nearly 20 years in Washington.