November 6, 2019/Media, Press, War Room

RELEASE: Down Goes Unpopular, Self-Serving, and Weak Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin — Is Unpopular, Self-Serving, and Weak Texas Senator John Cornyn Next? 

Bevin Approval Rating 34%, Cornyn Approval Rating 35%

Austin, TX — Last night, weak, self-serving, and unpopular Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin lost his re-election to Democrat Andy Beshear. Matt Bevin was mired with low approval ratings and caught with self-serving actions that put himself and his special interest friends over the needs of everyday Kentuckians. 

Sound familiar?

Republican Senator John Cornyn has logged abysmal approval ratings between 25-37% the last four polls in a row, and after twenty years in Washington, Cornyn is known for cowering to Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and DC lobbyists.

Like Matt Bevin, Cornyn disregarded concern for Republicans’ “embarrassing” loss last night. Cornyn told the Washington Post Matt Bevin “had his own problems” that were “unrelated to national politics.”

What Cornyn fails to mention is that he has his own problems too:


Texas Democratic Party Communications Director Abhi Rahman issued the following statement:

“Trump Republicans are dropping like flies. First, went Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin. Next, will be John Cornyn.

“Whether it is repeatedly trying to rip away Americans’ healthcare, taking over $1.7 million from pharmaceutical and insurance companies, or defending Trump and McConnell at all costs, one thing is certain: John Cornyn is weak, unpopular, and vulnerable. Texas Democrats will defeat Cornyn in 2020.”