July 9, 2020/Media, Press

RELEASE: Donald Trump Continues to Fail Texas Workers, Breaks Promises to Protect Texas’ Working Families

Texas’ Economic Recovery Has Slowed Because of Donald Trump’s and Greg Abbott’s Mismanagement of the Coronavirus Crisis.

Austin, TX — As coronavirus cases in Texas pass 10,000 a day, thanks to Donald Trump and Greg Abbott’s mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis on the federal and state levels, the Texas economy has not recovered either, with at least 2.7 million Texans remaining unemployed.

As Vice President Joe Biden launches his economic recovery plan for America tomorrow, let’s take a brief look at Donald Trump’s failed economic recovery for Texas by the numbers, particularly in minority communities:

Unemployment in Texas

  • More than 96,000 Texans applied for jobless relief last week, a 7.4% bump over the week before.
  • The number of Texans filing for unemployment benefits increased by 7% over the previous week.
  • Since mid-March, nearly 2.7 million people have filed for unemployment relief — more than in all of 2019
  • In May, Texas recorded a 13% unemployment rate — the second-worst employment month on record, behind April.

Food banks rely on donations from grocery stores. But as Texans rush stores, grocers have less to give.

  • Demand at food banks remains off the charts as thousands of Texans search for assistance at local pantries.

Nationwide, Black and Latino residents are three times as likely to be infected with coronavirus, and nearly twice as likely to die from it.

  • New York Times: “Latino and African-American residents of the United States have been three times as likely to become infected as their white neighbors, according to the new data, which provides detailed characteristics of 640,000 infections detected in nearly 1,000 U.S. counties.
  • “Black and Latino people have been nearly twice as likely to die from the virus as white people, the data shows.”

Nationwide, nearly 40 percent of Black and Hispanic households are struggling to feed their families during the pandemic.

  • Politico: “Nearly four in 10 Black and Hispanic households with children are struggling to feed their families during the coronavirus pandemic — a dramatic spike that is exacerbating racial inequities and potentially threatening the health of millions of young Americans.
  • “The percentage of families who are considered food insecure has surged across all groups and is already much higher than during the depths of the Great Recession, according to new research by economists at Northwestern University based on Census Bureau data.”

There are 15 million fewer jobs now than in April

  • Moody’s Analytics’ Mark Zandi: “The Extraordinary Loss Of Jobs In The U.S. And The High Unemployment Rate Owe In Significant Part To The Poor Management Of The Pandemic By The Federal Government.”
  • CBO: “The U.S. Labor Market Suffered Such A Shock From The Coronavirus Pandemic That It Is Unlikely To Fully Recover For More Than 10 Years.”

It never had to be this bad. When it comes to our economic recovery, Trump and Abbott have failed our Texas communities. 

Texas Democratic Party Communications Director Abhi Rahman issued the following statement:

“As Vice President Joe Biden prepares to unveil his promise to Texas and American workers, it’s important to remember that despite Trump and Abbott’s claims that prematurely lifting restrictions to slow the spread of coronavirus would jumpstart the economy, the opposite is the case. Our Texas economy is in shambles and consumer confidence has never been lower. This is a direct reflection of the lack of leadership shown by Donald Trump and Greg Abbott, who continue to bury their heads in the sand and pretend like everything is fine.

“It never had to be this bad. Trump and Abbott have failed Texans. Texas is in desperate need of new leadership, that’s why Joe Biden will win in November. This isn’t about politics, it’s about restoring leadership to the White House. We will deliver our 38 electoral votes to Biden in November.”