November 20, 2020/Media, Press

Despite Surging COVID-19 Hospitalization Rates and Breaking the Record for Amount of New Cases, Governor Abbott and Texas Republicans Continue to Refuse to Implement Health and Safety Measures

Austin, Texas — This week, when speaking at a press conference, Abbott admitted the federal government had designated Texas as the state with the 2nd highest need for a drug due to its high hospitalization rates. This is following a recording of 12,230 cases yesterday in Texas, an all-time high.

When asked if he would be implementing the type of health and safety measures needed to slow down the virus’s resurgence, Abbott said he saw no reason. Abbott also blamed coronavirus victims, stoked fears, and misinformed the public on how to stop the spread.

Texas at the end of this week surpassed 20,000 deaths and has a positivity rate of 12.7%. This rate is far above the positivity rate in May and well above the state’s rate in September when Abbott lifted the state’s COVID-19 health and safety restrictions for a 2nd time.

Experts in Texas expect as we enter into the winter months, the worst is yet to come.

Abbott has surrendered to the coronavirus and allowed Texas families to get sick and die

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued a statement:

“Enough is enough! Greg Abbott and Texas Republicans repeatedly decide they are okay with more Texans getting sick, more Texans dying from COVID-19, and our Texas economy collapsing. They are so far removed from the physical, financial and mental impacts of the pandemic. To them, additional health and safety measures are just an annoyance. For everyday Texans, this is life or death.”