April 9, 2020/Media, Press, War Room

RELEASE: Cornyn Continues to Oppose Vote-By-Mail, Says “If You Can Go to the Grocery Store, You Can Go to the Polls”

Cornyn continues to put Texans at risk.

Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | Patricia McKnight

Austin, TX — John Cornyn continues to hit a new low every day on his mishandling and undermining of the coronavirus crisis.

This time, in an interview, Cornyn stated “if you can go to the grocery store, you can go to the polls,” showing an appalling lack of understanding of the crisis we are facing and a willingness to put Texan lives at risk for his own partisan political agenda.

With surveys showing that even a majority of Republicans support voting by mail, one has to wonder why John Cornyn opposes it.

After Texans were already forced to wait hours in line because of chronic underfunding of elections, Cornyn has proven once again that he is willing to do whatever it takes to harass his voters.

Texas Democratic Party Communications Director Abhi Rahman issued the following statement:

“In the middle of one of the worst public health emergencies in American history, Cornyn would have Texans choose between their life or their right to vote.

“Cornyn would unnecessarily put your life in danger to win re-election and he would jeopardize our democracy. Instead, if we act now, we can ensure that every eligible voter can cast their ballot without risking their health.

“This week in Wisconsin, we saw the debacle that ensues when voters are prevented from mailing their ballots during a pandemic. That’s why the Texas Democratic Party is in court to protect all Texans’ right to vote during a pandemic. Our democracy thrives when more people participate.

“Texans are demanding real leadership and will vote Cornyn out in November.”



BACKGROUND: Cornyn’s Sordid History Undermining Voting Rights

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2020: Cornyn, Responding To Concerns Over 4 Hours Lines To Vote In The Primary, Said People Should “Try Voting During [The] 10 Day Early Voting Period.” In response to a tweet that said “4 hour lines in Democratic & minority communities in Texas a preview of voter suppression GOP planning for November,” Cornyn tweeted, “Try voting during 10 day early voting period. As of Friday, which was the last day of early voting in the 2020 primary, a total of 1,113,726 people voted in person and by mail in Texas’ 10 largest counties — 12% of registered voters.” [Twitter, @JohnCornyn, 3/4/20]

2019: Cornyn Dismissed The Need For Additional Legislation To Address Election Security. ‘The truth is the 2018 elections were largely interference-free, but that’s a result of the money that we’ve already appropriated and the technology that is now in place on these state-run systems through the Department of Homeland Security.’” [Roll Call, 7/25/19]

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