September 30, 2019/Media, Press

RELEASE: After White House Released Talking Points on Transcript of Trump’s Call With Ukrainian President, Cornyn’s Comments Parrot Those Talking Points Word for Word



Austin, TX — Last week, John Cornyn took to parroting Donald Trump every chance he got on virtually every comment that he made about the impeachment inquiry.

Instead of having his own opinions, doing his job as a United States Senator, and investigating the whistle-blower complaint that Donald Trump tried to get a foreign country to mettle into our elections and threatened to withhold foreign aid because of it, Cornyn instead decided to repeat the tired Trump talking points in every form of media that he could.

Don’t believe us? See below:

Cornyn Parroting Trump Talking Points #1

White House Talking Point: Trump did not make “promise” to Ukraine in exchange for investigating Biden, simply wanted “allegations of corruption” investigated.

Cornyn Talking Point: “I don’t think asking another country to do an investigation into corruption concerns is objectionable.”

“Cornyn told reporters that it’s ‘possible to find some of the conversation troubling without finding it a basis for impeachment.’ He said Trump was simply asking Zelensky to probe corruption in Ukraine and the idea that Trump was asking him to target Biden specifically is ‘a too-narrow construction of what’s going on here.’  ‘I don’t think asking another country to do an investigation into corruption concerns is objectionable,’ he said.” [Houston Chronicle, 9/25/19]

Cornyn Parroting Trump Talking Points #2

White House Talking Point: Trump only mentioned Biden and Giuliani after the Ukrainian President mentioned Giuliani first.

Cornyn Talking Point: “President Trump did not even bring up the Biden name first. It was the President of Ukraine who raised the Biden name.” [Twitter, Ben Wermund, 9/25/19]

Cornyn Parroting Trump Talking Points #3

White House Talking Point: “Real scandal” was “leaks about a second-hand account of the President’s confidential telephone call.”

Cornyn Talking Point: “Yesterday evening, Speaker Pelosi announced that the House is moving full steam towards impeaching President Trump. When the announcement was made the only information they had in their hands was press reports. No report of the transcript, no facts, no evidence, no nothing. And that’s really all they needed. Any hook, any angle, any straw they might be able to grasp in order to justify this unjustifiable action. That was good enough for them. Hearsay and press reports. House Democrats began this process of impeaching the President based on a so-called whistleblower complaint that they hadn’t even read, which detailed a call that they hadn’t seen a transcript of.  Meanwhile, we know the media eagerly reported that the ‘whistleblower’ didn’t even have firsthand knowledge of the situation, something we know now to be true. In other words, the alleged whistleblower doesn’t legally qualify as a whistleblower because he or she wasn’t there when the conversation took place, but rather reported something that somebody told somebody else, otherwise known as hearsay.” [Sen. John Cornyn floor speech, 9/25/19] (VIDEO, 0:26-1:47)

Cornyn Parroting Trump Talking Points #4

White House Talking Point: White House talking points described impeachment inquiry, following “two years of investigation” into “A phony Russian collusion story,” as “another example of the ‘deep state,’ the media, and Democrats in Congress damaging our national security.”

Cornyn Talking Point: “Of course, we know what this is. This is a continuation of the election in 2016. Where our Democratic friends can’t believe that Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump. We know after that they claimed well Hillary Clinton actually won the popular vote, forget the Constitution and the role the Electoral College. Because of the Constitutional requirements that the Electoral College vote and who wins the majority becomes President, they said forget the Constitution, and then there was the former FBI Director Comey, who leaked memos to a buddy of his and asked them to leak them into the press because he wanted to make sure that the Special Counsel was appointed to investigate and potentially prosecute President Trump. And we know that this investigation went on for years and cost millions of dollars and ended up with the conclusion of no obstruction no collusion. And you can imagine the disappointment of our friends in the media who have written about this, assuming that President Trump would be indicted and convicted of some offense, only to find out no collusion, no obstruction, no charges.” [Sen. John Cornyn floor speech, 9/25/19] (VIDEO, 2:15-3:53)

Cornyn Parroting Trump Talking Points #5

White House Talking Points: “This complaint was handled absolutely by the book.”

Cornyn Talking Points: Cornyn said Senate Intel Committee’s investigation of whistleblower complaint would Be undertaken “by the book.” [Sen. John Cornyn floor speech, 9/25/19] (VIDEO, 4:43-6:12)

Still not convinced?
Cornyn got called out for his lack of standing up to the President by the Houston Chronicle Editorial Board and on twitter by Nicolle Wallace.



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