July 25, 2019/Media, Press, War Room

RELEASE: After Taking Almost $1.7 Million from Pharmaceutical and Insurance industry Donors Over Nearly Two Decades, John Cornyn Votes to Gut Plan to Lower Prescription Drug Prices in Senate Finance Committee

Austin, TX — Today, in an astounding moment, John Cornyn voted for the Toomey Amendment in the Senate Finance Committee, essentially threatening to gut the bipartisan Grassley-Wyden bill to lower prescription drug prices for seniors and save the federal government billions in health-care costs.

The Toomey Amendment would have allowed drug makers to raise their prices beyond the point of inflation — a key contention in the effort to ensure that seniors do not see their healthcare costs rise. The amendment barely failed on a tied 14-14 vote.

John Cornyn has a history of siding with pharmaceutical companies over seniors. Cornyn has taken nearly $1.7 million from pharmaceutical and insurance industry donors in nearly two decades in Washington.

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement:

“Even on an issue like lowering prescription drug prices for seniors, John Cornyn just couldn’t help himself. Once again, he decided to side with big pharmaceutical and insurance industry donors over the needs of Texas seniors. Cornyn spoke glowingly about the Grassley-Wyden bill all week but when it was time to walk the walk, he voted to gut it.

“You can’t trust John Cornyn to put the interests of Texans over his own. After twenty years in Washington, Texans are ready to vote him out.”