December 13, 2019/Media, Press

Piersen Won’t Address Trump’s Record of Broken Promises While In Texas

AUSTIN, TX – Yesterday, while Katrina Piersen attempted to sell Texas women on Trump’s terrible administration, Texas Democrats highlighted his record of broken promises.

The truth is Donald Trump has turned his back on women and failed to deliver on the issues they care about at every turn:

  • Trump’s efforts to destroy the Affordable Care Act could leave 1.7 Million Texans without coverage and return us to the days when insurance companies could charge women more while not covering essential services like maternity care.

  • Trump has repeatedly lied about his tax scam, calling it “the biggest tax cut of anybody by far” and claiming “the middle class is getting the biggest part of it.” Yet the richest 5% of Texas taxpayers will receive 56% of the tax cuts this year.

  • The Trump administration has rolled back protections against sexual harassment in the workplace and made it harder for women to fight for equal pay.

Texas Democratic Party Senior Brand Director Brittany Switzer released the following statement:

“Donald Trump’s record on women speaks for itself. The same President that has used vulgar and demeaning language on women is the same President that has turned his back on issues that matter to women time and time again.

“Texas Democrats will win because women have rejected Trump’s policies. Women powered the blue wave in 2018 and will be the reason why we take out Trump in 2020.”