June 24, 2020/Media, Press

Over 10,000 Cases in the Last Two Days

Austin, TX — The state of Texas announced that coronavirus cases diagnosed in Texas today were a staggering 5,551 people, following the 5,489 diagnosed yesterday. This marks 13 days in a row with rising hospitalizations and a full-blown crisis on our hands.

In other news, the Trump Administration announced that it was ending funding for seven testing sites in Texas on July 1st. Governor Abbott agreed to end these testing sites while refusing to ask for an extension.

While these negative trends have been occurring, it was also announced today that New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut were putting new travel restrictions on the state of Texas.

In every single way, by every single metric, Governor Abbott continues to fail the people of Texas.

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement:

“There have been over 10,000 new cases of coronavirus in Texas over the past two days. Meanwhile, the Trump Administration is cutting testing sites in Texas while Governor Abbott cheers along and watches it happen. That isn’t leadership, it’s a pathetic attempt to appeal to a right-wing base while Texans continue to get sick.

“In every single way, Governor Abbott has failed Texas. There’s a reason why #AbbottResign and #AbbottBetrayedTexas both trended nationally. Abbott has utterly failed as Governor of the state of Texas. It’s time to send a message to Trump and Abbott by electing Democrats across the state in November.”