December 11, 2018/Media, Press

Much to Texas Republicans’ Dismay, Turnout Surged in 2018

Austin, TX– The results of the 2018 midterm in Texas are in and Texas voters delivered the best turnout in 20 years. Texas saw the nation’s sixth-highest voter turnout increase but ranks 40/50 in total voter turnout according to data from the United States Elections Project.

Despite the harshest Republican voter ID laws in the country and a map designed for progressive Texans to have their voices silenced, Texas Democrats voted and won in top suburban and urban counties across the state making Texas a “toss-up” state in 2020.

Texas Tribune:

  • “The boost in turnout encompassed nearly the entire state. Only four counties out of 254 saw a lower turnout in 2018 than in the last midterm in 2014”

  • “Voter turnout in the 2018 Texas midterm elections increased by 18 percentage points compared with the previous midterms, the country’s sixth-highest increase. Nationwide, turnout increased by 13 percentage points from 2014 to 2018.”

Dallas Observer:

  • “Texas Democrats have pushed legislation for years that would allow Texans to register to vote online, only to be rebuffed by their Republican colleagues in the Legislature…[If] Texas legalized online registration, it would pick up nearly 300,000 voters, many from groups that are under-represented in the electorate, like voters under 25”

  • “Of Texans ages 18-24 who are eligible to vote, fewer than half, 48 percent, are registered to do so, which is 7 percent less than the national average of 55 percent for that age group.”

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“It’s clear the future of the Democratic Party goes through Texas. In 2018, Texans faced the harshed Republican voter ID laws in the country and a map designed for Republicans to hold on to power. Democrats responded by expanding the battlefield, recruiting a diverse slate of candidates, and making our case to Texans on the issues that matter most to them. The result was the closest statewide margin in decades. Texas is now a 2020 battleground state.”

“While Texas Democrats made great progress on turning out voters, Republicans realized that when Texas votes how it looks, they will lose. Instead of making voting more accessible and modernizing our election process, Republicans are hellbent on peddling discriminatory rhetoric and enacting harsh voter ID and registration laws. This is unacceptable.”