January 11, 2018/Media, Press

Lt. Gov Dan Patrick & AG Ken Paxton Target San Antonio Police Chief

Austin, TX — Yesterday, Trump Republican Lt. Gov Dan Patrick called for a state investigation of the San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus under the unconstitutional and hateful “show-me-your-papers” bill, SB4.

Patrick criticized local law enforcement for protecting human trafficking victims, making sure they received care from Catholic Charities rather than detaining them as criminals for deportation by Trump’s administration.

In response, Republican AG Ken Paxton has warned the City of San Antonio about an impending investigation of Chief McManus. [San Antonio Express-News, January 10, 2018]

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“This un-American and an insult to Texas values.

“Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton would throw families into the cruel machinery of Trump’s deportation force. Texas Republicans have forgotten human trafficking victims are, in fact, human.

“Let’s be clear about what happened here: a suspected human smuggler was arrested. Twelve human trafficking victims, who went through hell, were placed in the safety and security of Catholic Charities. Public safety was strengthened because our local law enforcement followed best practices and valued building trust with their community. Now, Texas Republicans want to lock up Chief McManus for doing his job.

“Our elected officials and local law enforcement will not be intimidated by this unprecedented overreach.

“Texas Democrats know SB4 is hateful, cruel and unconstitutional. The Courts have agreed, and we will not stop the fight to keep all Texans safe.”