September 13, 2018/Media, Press

Ken Paxton Continues Texas Republican Trajectory of Lying About Immigrants

Austin, TX – In case you missed it, indicted Republican AG Ken Paxton cited false and inflated numbers on FOX News about crimes committed by immigrants.

PolitiFact recently gave Paxton’s claims a “Pants on Fire” rating saying, “both of these numbers–which we’ve twice debunked in detail since 2010–exceed what the state estimates by more than 400 percent.” [San Antonio Express-News, September 9, 2018]

Paxton wrongly claimed that Texas “had over 600,000 crimes committed by illegals since 2011. Over 1,200 homicides.” during an interview on Fox & Friends. He will face Texas Democrat Justin Nelson in November.

Ken Paxton is not the only Texas Republican to use false claims to advance their racist, fear-mongering, anti-immigrant agenda: