March 15, 2021/Media, Press

Joint Statement: Democrats Are Single-Handedly Bringing Relief to Working Texans, As Republicans Once Again Try to Scapegoat Their Way Out of Accountability

Using the Oldest Racist Move in the GOP Playbook, Republicans Are Scapegoating Immigrants to Distract from GOP Failure to Accomplish Literally Anything for Working Americans

AUSTIN, Texas — After Texans have suffered an entire year with COVID-19 under disastrous Republican governance, help is finally here thanks to Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, which is bringing vital relief to millions of working Texas families. This is a historic win for hardworking Texans. From cutting child poverty to helping people get back to work safely, the American Rescue Plan is a major step towards ensuring a fair shot for all.

Every Republican in Congress voted against this relief, and Republicans are desperate to distract from their refusal to help working people. GOP leaders are at the border today to use the oldest racist trick in the GOP playbook — scapegoating immigrants — to distract from their failures. Meanwhile, Governor Abbott remains focused on voter suppression, teaming up today with Texas Republicans Paul Bettencourt and Briscoe Cain to continue attacking the voting rights of Texans. In a shameless effort to cling to power, Republicans would rather throw up hurdles between Texans and their ballots than come up with solutions that serve Texans and give voters a reason to vote for them. Republicans’ actions speak for themselves: they would rather erode our rights and spread racist, anti-immigrant rhetoric than actually take action to help hardworking Texans.

Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy and Secretary-Treasurer Leonard Aguilar issued the following joint statement:

“Last week, President Biden and Democrats in both the House and Senate passed one of the largest stimulus packages in history. With the American Rescue Plan, Democrats have thrown a lifeline to millions of Texas families who have spent a year struggling to cope with the pandemic and suffering the consequences of failed Republican governance. Thanks to the collective voices of millions of working families, Texans will soon be able to get back to work and back to school safely, and we will finally be able to beat back this pandemic.

“Every single Republican in Congress voted against this relief. When Texans suffered through the pandemic and last month’s winter storm, Ted Cruz fled to Cancun and Ken Paxton ran to Utah. And today, Greg Abbott is more focused on suppressing our right to vote than delivering results for working families; meanwhile House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is visiting the border in a callous attempt to scapegoat immigrants and try to direct attention away from the colossal suffering Texans have endured.”

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement: 

“McCarthy’s racist, disingenuous ploy won’t work for the simple reason that Texans know the truth: we have been shortchanged and sold out every step of the way by Republican leaders who care more about lining their own pockets than about showing up for Texans in need.

“The real failure at the border is the fact that Republicans would much rather vilify immigrants than own up to the fact that they are not getting aid to the people who need it. More than 45,000 Texans have died needlessly because of the failed Republican response to this pandemic. That is a fact we cannot be distracted from and Texas voters will not forget it.”