May 22, 2018/Media, Press

If closed, Abbott’s Roundtables will be little more than theatrics

As Texans continue to pressure elected officials to take action in the wake of the Santa Fe shooting, Texas Republicans Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick, who have continuously opposed gun control measures, are now leading a series of roundtable discussions at the Capitol this week.

Except, the roundtable discussions are closed to the public… and the media.

Texas Capitol Press Corp on not being allowed to attend the full roundtable:


Texas Democratic Party Deputy Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement:

“Even Donald Trump kept a town hall at the White House open to press following the Parkland shootings.

“Texans are grieving as our children continue to die to gun violence. They’re fed up, demanding action and they deserve to know what their leaders are going to do about this epidemic. From a good governance perspective, this is simply astounding. Texans deserve real solutions, not theatrics.

“Keeping the public out of important conversations that matter most to Texans is expected from Texas Republicans, but snubbing the press is a new low. Texas voters will hold them accountable for their inaction.”