March 19, 2020/Media, Press

ICYMI: Why Texas Is So Far Behind in its Response to the Coronavirus?

Austin, TX — Only after media and state pressure, Republican Governor Abbott finally announced a statewide response to the coronavirus. On Tuesday, WalletHub published a study ranking all 50 states in their response to the coronavirus. Texas was ranked at the bottom of the list, only Mississippi and Wyoming ranked lower.

Yesterday, Politico provided further analysis answering the question, “Why Texas is so Far Behind Other States on Virus Response.”

From Politico:

  • “Texas’ Republican Gov. Greg Abbott issued a disaster declaration Friday — after dozens of states already had done so — and activated the National Guard on Tuesday, after more than a dozen states already had.”

  • “Abbott is fully in charge of the state’s response, because as part of the small-government philosophy, the state’s Legislature meets only in odd years for 140 days. So far, more than 60 coronavirus cases and one death have been confirmed in the state. Abbott said he expects the number of cases to explode next week as more testing capacity comes online and more diagnoses are counted.”

  • “But the swift-spreading coronavirus public health crisis is catching Texas unprepared. The state, which didn’t expand Medicaid, has the highest uninsured rate in the country meaning millions of people don’t have doctors to call if they show symptoms.”

  • “And Abbott has opposed local paid sick leave ordinances, which could encourage sick people to stay home and keep from spreading the virus, saying they hamper business growth.”

  • “And some health providers say Texas has been slow to boost coronavirus testing capacity and help them meet equipment needs.” The state’s coronavirus testing capacity is 20,000 kits per week in a state of nearly 29 million.

  • “Health providers say the state has been slow to ramp up testing, relying instead on local officials and private companies to step up efforts. About 1,200 people have been tested so far — a fifth of the number that have been tested in California and half the number that have been tested in Minnesota, according to a POLITICO analysis of state tallies.”

Bottom Line: Texas is worse off because of Governor Abbott and Senator Cornyn’s leadership. Texans deserve leaders they can trust.