January 31, 2020/Media, Press, War Room

ICYMI: Vulnerable Texas Republican John Cornyn Doesn’t Care To Uphold His Constitutional Oath

Austin, TX — Throughout the Senate impeachment trial, vulnerable Texas Republican John Cornyn has spent his time refusing to uphold his Constitutional duties and threatening the integrity of our democracy by rejecting calls to allow witnesses in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

It’s gone from bad to worse: During an appearance on Fox Business on Tuesday, John Cornyn outrageously stated that even if evidence points to Donald Trump breaking the law, he still won’t vote in favor of allowing witness testimony in the Senate impeachment trial. 

“If the president did indeed tell John Bolton that there was a relationship between getting that information on the Bidens and aid to the country, that wouldn’t be enough for you say, let’s look into this more?” Neil Cavuto asked the morally bankrupt Texas Senator. 

“No,” Cornyn replied. “President’s always leverage foreign aid, particularly here where there’s concerns about corruption” [sic]

What Cornyn failed to mention was that the president was leveraging foreign aid in order to corrupt a U.S. election. 

Despicable. John Cornyn should do the job he was elected to do in Washington. 

Texas Democratic Party Communications Director Abhi Rahman issued the following statement:

“It’s absolutely pathetic that John Cornyn thinks he can slink into a corner and not take a stand for Texans during this impeachment trial. Texans deserve a senator who will stand up and demand the truth, not one that spends all his time trying to cover for his political cronies. While John Cornyn continues to jump through hoops of fire to appease Trump and McConnell, Texas Democrats are crisscrossing the state of Texas, fighting for the people.”