May 20, 2020/Media, Press

ICYMI: Texas Democrats Target Four Republican Texas Supreme Court Justices

Austin, TX — Last week, The Texas Democratic Party put the four Texas Supreme Court justices up for re-election on notice after the all-Republican court, at the request of indicted Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, voted to put the expansion of voting by mail in Texas on hold. This came before a federal judge ruled yesterday that voters who fear contracting coronavirus can vote by mail. 

Winning these four Supreme Court seats is a top priority for the Texas Democratic Party. 

From Reform Austin:

  • “Taking out the four Republican Texas Supreme Court justices up for re-election in 2020 is a top-tier priority for the Texas Democratic Party,” said Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Manny Garcia in a prepared statement. “We will make sure every Texan knows who was responsible for putting their health at risk in order to vote. Republicans Nathan Hecht, Jane Bland, Jeffrey Boyd and Brett Busby have constantly put blatant partisan and special interests over the needs of everyday Texans. They are endangering the lives of Texans and making our recovery from COVID-19 more difficult.”

  • “The Democratic nominees for Texas Supreme Court are Amy Clark Meachum, Kathy Cheng, Staci Williams and Gisela Triana. The Texas Democratic Party has filed a lawsuit to allow Texas voters the right to claim a lack of immunity to coronavirus as a disability, making them eligible to request a mail ballot.”

  • “Republicans, including Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, are on the other side. They argue possible infection with coronavirus from in-person voting does not qualify as a condition for requesting a mail ballot.”

From Texas Tribune:

  • “Actions on bail, evictions, debt collections, vote-by-mail and a Dallas salon owner named Shelley Luther have foregrounded the court in a year when four incumbent justices face reelection — making it easier, Democratic challengers say, to make the case against them.”

  • “Last week, the high court lifted its coronavirus ban on evictions and debt collections, put in place in March as the economy shut down and hundreds of thousands were added to the unemployment rolls. And the justices temporarily put on hold a lower court ruling that expanded vote-by-mail access during the pandemic. Both decisions have infuriated some voters and energized the Democratic Party.”

  • “‘I think people’s eyes are opening up,’ said 3rd Court of Appeals Justice Gisela Triana, one of the four women running for Supreme Court on the Democratic ticket this year. ‘What has been the sleepy branch of government … has woken up.”

Texans deserve a Texas Supreme Court free of blatant partisanship.