November 16, 2017/Media, Press

ICYMI: Successful ATX Political Hackathon in Partnership with Texas Democrats

Austin, TX — This month, the ATX Political Hackathon took place in downtown Austin. It was hosted at Civitas Learning, in partnership with the Texas Democratic Party. This was the first official Democratic State Party political hackathon in the nation. Teams comprised of front-end and back-end developers, as well as political activists who were challenged to come up with a prototype that solved problems faced by candidates, campaigns, voters, and community organizers.



  • Austin Mayor, Steve Adler, “Looking at the intersection of technology and elections is not only fascinating but is crucial if we’re going to change what’s going on politically in our city and in our state and in our country,” [Daily Texan, November 5]

  • Daniel Webb, ATX Political Hackathon founder, “We want to show them — here are some positive uses of technology that can really advance progressive values.” [KXAN, November 11]

  • Cliff Walker, Texas Democratic Party Candidate Service and Recruitment Director, “At the end of the day, there’s going to be some kid in San Antonio, some high school kid in Odessa, who is going to come up with the next great idea to help people get elected in the state of Texas” [KXAN, November 11]

Texas Democratic Party Campaign Services and Candidate Recruitment Director Cliff Walker issued the following statement:

“In the first Democratic Hackathon in the country, nearly a dozen teams of coders showed up to their first political event and shared their skills to try and save their state. In one weekend, they went from bold concepts to functional demos for innovative tools that to help voters connect, volunteer, and learn about the political process. Democrats across Texas are fired up and ready to fight, so this help from progressives in the tech community could not have come at a better time.”