April 20, 2020/Media, Press, War Room

ICYMI: New York Times — “Texas Republicans Have Spectacularly Failed the Coronavirus Test”

Austin, TX — Last week, an op-ed from the New York Times revealed the myriad of ways that Texas Republicans across the state have utterly mismanaged the coronavirus crisis.

From delays in issuing statewide social distancing orders to refusing to expand healthcare coverage for the millions of Texans who have lost their jobs, to leading Texas to being dead last in testing rates in the country, the mismanaged response from Republicans has ranged from abysmal to non-existent.

Now, Texas Republicans are trying to reopen the state without the consultation of scientists or doctors.

From The New York Times: 

  • “Where to start? Topping the list has to be our governor, Greg Abbott, who was so slow to accept that there was such a thing as the coronavirus that Texas ranks near the bottom in a WalletHub report on pandemic responsiveness by states.”

  • “It was a cool jujitsu move, the way a governor who has spent most of his term trying to take power away from urban centers has suddenly become so magnanimous about letting Democratic mayors and county officials handle this crisis. Mr. Abbott also thinks it’s just fine to let people mingle at church out in the country, even though the absence of health care in rural Texas is well known.”

  • “Mr. Abbott and our state attorney general, Ken Paxton, wasted no time protecting the unborn by trying to close abortion clinics during the pandemic while showing far less concern for full grown, desperately ill adults. (Abortion rights groups have taken them to court and won — so far.)”

  • “It was a Democrat, Judge Clay Jenkins of Dallas County, who was among the first Texas officials to institute a shelter-in-place order, on March 23. Meanwhile, his Republican counterpart a few miles down the road in Tarrant County, Glen Whitley, refused to close down businesses, claiming: ‘This is not a deadly disease. Yes, there are folks dying, but I’m just not going to do it.” He finally relented near the end of that month.’”

  • Mr. Patrick volunteered to sacrifice himself and every other American over 70 by claiming he was ready to ‘get back to work’ and “all in” on a hypothetical: ‘As a senior citizen, are you willing to take a chance on your survival, in exchange for keeping the America that all America loves for your children and grandchildren?’ For a lot of reasons we are lucky — and grateful — that no one took Mr. Patrick up on his offer, but the luckiest septuagenarian of all may be Mr. Patrick himself, who would have been forced to find a way to weasel out of the patently empty promise he made in the first place.”

  • “And then there is Senator John Cornyn, who urged his constituents not to panic by posting a photo of a Corona beer on March 14, just after the number of cases in Texas rose to over 2,200. Then, on March 18, he blamed China for the virus by stating that the people there “eat bats and snakes and dogs and things like that” and diseases get transmitted from animals to people. But Mr. Cornyn was also at his finger-wagging best in early April, when he also explained his opposition to a vote-by-mail push by asserting that “if you can go to the grocery store, you can go to the polls.”

  • “Mr. Abbott’s fealty to the president, along with that of our senators, could mean that Texans could become the public health guinea pigs who will suffer mightily if the state opens too soon.”

Texas Republicans have mismanaged this crisis from day one.