January 10, 2020/Media, Press

ICYMI: It’s Child Abuse. Plain and Simple. 

“Reviving 20-year-old allegations shows Democrats and outside interests are ‘desperate’ to win the district, said Craig Murphy, Gates’ political consultant. ‘We knew they would stoop to this.’” — Houston Chronicle

Let’s review the allegations against Texas Republican House District 28 Candidate Gary Gates:

Poisoning his children

Starving his children as punishment

Beating his children with boards and belts

Handcuffing his children to the bed

Sending their child to school to be publicly humiliated by their classmates

Forcing his child to run up and down the stairs until their legs hurt and physically abusing them

Slamming Children into the Wall Until Their “Heads Bleed”

Perhaps this is a reason Texas voters determined — in multiple elections — that Gary Gates was not fit to hold office.

Child Abuse Never Goes Away.