July 10, 2019/Media

ICYMI: Indicted Texas AG Ken Paxton is Fighting to End the Affordable Care Act. But Will it Backfire on GOP in 2020?

Austin, TX — This week, a new Houston Chronicle story highlighted the political ramifications for Texas Republicans if indicted Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has his way and removes protections for pre-existing conditions for millions of Texans.

From the Houston Chronicle:

  • “More than 20 million Americans are potentially at risk of losing insurance coverage if the law is overturned — including over 900,000 people in Texas who buy insurance through the marketplace with federal subsidies, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.”

  • “Democrats say if Paxton wins, it would send the Texas GOP into a tailspin.”

  • “‘This will be an issue to flip the Texas House, this will be an issue to expand the U.S. House majority, this will be an issue to take out (Republican U.S. Sen.) John Cornyn and this will be an issue to win Texas for the presidency,’ said Manny Garcia, executive director of the Texas Democratic Party.”

  • “Still, a number of the law’s provisions are popular with voters of all political stripes, including the protections for people with pre-existing conditions and rules allowing young adults to stay on their parents’ health insurance plans through age 26.”

  • “In the 2018 election, Democrats weaponized Republicans’ opposition, warning voters that a dismantling of the landmark healthcare law would unravel those pre-existing protections. Republicans fought back, pledging to keep those protections, but little has happened to date.”

One of those Republicans called out for their opposition to affordable care is vulnerable Texas Senator John Cornyn, once known as repeal’s “top salesman.

From the Texas Signal:

  • “With health care back in the news, it is a ripe opportunity for Democrats to look at Sen. John Cornyn’s record on health care.”

  • ‘“Once known as healthcare repeal’s ‘top salesman,’ Cornyn now has a choice to make: does he stand with the millions of Texans threatened to lose their protections for their pre-existing conditions or does he stand with pharmaceutical and insurance industry donors who have bankrolled his campaigns to the tune of almost $1.7 million?” the Texas Democratic Party said in a statement.”’

  • “Cornyn’s response to the case on Tuesday seemed defensive.”

  • “Cornyn has been a United States senator since 2002. All of his poll-tested tweets and speeches are brand new, contrary to his record on health care.”