November 3, 2017/Media, Press

ICYMI: How many ‘sanctuary cities’ complaints has Texas received? Zero

Austin, TX — “It’s been a month since Texans could start filing grievances with the top state law enforcement about so-called sanctuary cities. Not a single official complaint has come to the attorney general’s office.” [Dallas Morning News, November 2, 2018]

Lies from “Unholy Trinity” Of Texas Republicans:

  • “… we will prevent dangerous criminals from being released back into our Texas communities…” – Texas AG Ken Paxton

  • “… SB4 will ensure that no liberal local official can flaunt the law…” – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

  • Without SB4, “…Gang members and dangerous criminals… will be set free to prey upon our communities…” – Gov. Greg Abbott

The Truth.

There have been zero complaints regarding sanctuary cities in Texas. Perhaps, because, as law enforcement officials always said, there was absolutely no problem to begin with in Texas.

SB4 is racist and unnecessary. Let’s be clear about what happened here: Texas Republicans ignored law enforcement officials and passed an unconstitutional law that endangers Texas families.

Read the full story from James Barragán at the Dallas Morning News.