June 24, 2020/Media, Press

ICYMI: Houston Expected to Hit Peak Coronavirus Cases in Mid July at the same time the Texas Republican Convention Slated in Houston, July 16-18

Austin, TX — As Texas coronavirus cases continue to rise and hit an all-time high because of Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s failed leadership, Houston models now predict a mid-July peak for coronavirus cases within the city.

What else is scheduled for mid-July? The Texas Republican Convention, currently scheduled to run July 16-18, with no mask requirement and with little restrictions on capacity.

More from the Houston Chronicle:

  • “A surge in COVID-19 cases since Memorial Day could set the Houston area on track for a peak of 2,000 daily hospitalizations by mid-July, according to a model from a Baylor College of Medicine epidemiologist.”
  • “The region’s intensive care units would be overwhelmed by that number of patients, a nearly 50 percent increase from current levels”
  • “The shutdown dealt severe damage to the economy, including half a million lost jobs. Since Gov. Greg Abbott began reopening the state in May, however, the Houston area has set new records for cases and hospitalizations.”
  • “‘All of the good work that we did, shutting down, closing conferences and conventions … we’re wiping away the success that we collectively achieved, and the sacrifices that people made in March, April and in May,’ Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said.”
  • “The worsening trends have helped Harris County meet four of the five criteria set by the health department’s threat level system that would call for a return to stay-at-home rules. Since Hidalgo lacks the authority to issue new restrictions, Shah said residents must decide whether to heed the increasingly desperate requests of health officials.”

When asked about the Texas Republican Convention, Chair James Dickey stated “we do not intend to mandate mask-wearing,” despite rising cases and Houston being one of the hotspots.

The Texas Republican Convention will put even more Texans at-risk.

Texas Republicans Haven’t Taken the Coronavirus Seriously From Day One.