June 29, 2020/Media, Press

ICYMI: Donald Trump Refuses to Hold Vladimir Putin Accountable for Putting a Bounty on US Soldiers

Texas Republicans Still Refuse to Say Whether They Stand With Texas or Trump

Austin, TX — This past weekend, in another disgusting move, several bombshell reports outlined American intelligence assessments of a Russian program that offered Afghan militants bounties for killing US troops, which “resulted in the deaths of several U.S. service members.” According to these reports, Trump was briefed on the intelligence, but his administration has refused to take any action in response.

Texas has one of the highest amounts of active military members in the country. 

Trump knowingly refused to hold Russia accountable for putting a bounty on members of our military’s heads. Even worse, Texas Republicans from John Cornyn to statehouse candidates refuse to comment on Trump’s betrayal of our American soldiers.

This explosive report comes less than a year after Trump and Cornyn attempted to divert $38.5 million from military funds in Texas to build a stupid wall. 

Texas Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign Director and Veteran Brooklynne Mosley issued the following statement:

“American soldiers in Afghanistan died because Russia paid bounties to have them killed, but Trump has done nothing to stop Russia. Trump has repeatedly lied to the American people and caved to Russia. This is a flat-out betrayal of members of the military, their families, and our country.

“Texas Republicans must fully condemn Trump’s actions and demand a full account to Congress and the public. The American people and U.S. troops deserve answers.”