September 13, 2018/Media, Press

ICYMI: Dan Patrick is disrespecting Texas voters—and trying to erase Texas history

Austin, TX –  Today, Erica Grieder of the Houston Chronicle slammed Texas Republican Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, saying, “In theory, Patrick is running for re-election. In practice, he’s been running away from anyone who might want to talk about his record in office.”


  • “He’s refused to debate Collier, for example…he can always make time for Sean Hannity, he’s apparently too busy to sit down with the Houston Chronicle’s editorial board.”

  • “Texas Democrats are pretty energized, at the moment. And during his first term as lieutenant governor, Patrick, a former conservative radio commentator, alienated plenty of Republicans, to boot.”

  • Grieder wrote that the Democratic nominee Mike Collier “is a very well-qualified candidate, whose election would have a moderating effect on the entire Texas Legislature.”

  • Collier “wants the Texas Senate to focus on issues that have a broader impact on the state, like school finance, property tax reform, and water rights.”

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