February 17, 2021/Media, Press

ICYMI: Between a Do-Nothing Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Historic Winter Blackouts, Experts Ask: Do Greg Abbott and Texas Republicans Even Know What They are Doing?

AUSTIN, Texas — A new article published in the Texas Tribune begs the question: Do state Republicans, who have had a hands-off approach to slowing down the COVID-19 pandemic, who have botched the state’s vaccine distribution, and who have left millions in the dark during deadly winter weather, really know at all what they are doing?

Texas Democratic Party Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“For twenty years, crisis after crisis, we’ve seen a failed response from Governor Abbott and the preceding Republican governors before him. Abbott is the worst governor in modern Texas History. Whether it’s botching the coronavirus crisis, bungling vaccine distribution, forgetting Texans during Hurricane Harvey, or failing Texans in their greatest hour of need in the middle of this winter storm, it’s clear that Texas Republicans cannot manage the government.

“This is far beyond partisan politics. This is a question of whether or not we require basic competency in our government. Texas voters will remember these failures and hold Republicans accountable in 2022.”

ICYMI: Texas Tribune: Analysis: Working political angles instead of solving problems

“Between winter electricity blackouts, a haphazard rollout of COVID-19 vaccines and the Texas government’s overall response to the pandemic over the last year, the theme of the current legislative session and the next election cycle ought to be easy. Do the people running state government in Texas know what they’re doing?”

More from the Texas Tribune: 

“The justified anger when the people who are hired to keep us safe are not keeping us safe makes for rough politics — as it should. That’s one reason you see so much of the political herd working as hard on blame and shame right now as on the state’s widespread utility failures during this disastrous winter storm.”

“Or on the bumbling rollout of vaccines. Or the meandering, confused responses to the pandemic itself, beginning just under a year ago. It’s all fuel for reasonable doubts about the Texas state government’s ability to meet big problems.”

“Texans might turn to the people elected and hired to protect the rest of us in the face of life-threatening disasters, whether from disease or weather or hostile humans. Political strength and popularity come from competence. What have we here?”