December 18, 2018/Media

Houston Chronicle takes Gov. Greg Abbott to task on ACA Ruling

Austin, TX – The Houston Chronicle editorial board called out Republican Gov. Greg Abbott after he pledged to create a state-level Affordable Care Act replacement after attacking the law since its creation. The backup plan is only necessary because Abbott and indicted Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton are seeking to destroy the ACA in court and strip away the healthcare of millions, including ending protections for Texans with pre-existing conditions.


  • “More than 20 million Americans rely on the ACA for health insurance, and with it, more financial security and better medical care.”
  • If the ruling is upheld, the healthcare of millions in jeopardy, but Abbott says not to worry, he’s got a plan.
  • “How cynical…If Obamacare is struck down, despite having been declared constitutional twice before by the Supreme Court, that could spell disaster for millions in Texas and beyond. But how much standing does a governor have in promising to do Obamacare one better when his own state ranks dead last for the share of adults and children without insurance?”
  • “Obamacare is working across the nation and in Texas, despite the yearslong campaign by Abbott and many others to weaken it. The best thing Abbott could do to improve access to health insurance in Texas is to do what so many other states have done and partner with the federal government to expand Medicaid. Texas doesn’t even need a waiver for that to work, just leaders with vision.”
  • “Obamacare has survived many tests in and out of court. It will likely survive this one. Republicans like Abbott should get busy trying to improve it, rather than replace it.”

Read the full Houston Chronicle editorial here.