February 27, 2021/Media, Press

House Democrats Pass $1.9 Trillion American Rescue Plan

AUSTIN, Texas–On Saturday, the House of Representatives passed President Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan. Democrats stood with the overwhelming percentage of Americans who support the American Rescue Plan. Unfortunately, not a single Republican joined them. The House bill will now head to the Senate.


Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued a statement:

“Today, House Democrats stood firm in their support of the American people who have been suffering for over a year due to the lasting economic, medical, and emotional effects of this pandemic.

“Democrats today took the first step in making sure American families receive survival checks while also securing billions of dollars for unemployment insurance, schools, small businesses, and a national vaccine program that will both expand and speed up our vaccine rollout across the country.

“This is a significant first step in bringing relief to the American people and I ask that all senators come together to pass this bill in the upper chamber as quickly as possible because millions of lives are depending on it.”