December 9, 2019/Blog, Media

Here’s How the Texas Democratic Party Is Going to Help Nearly 1,000,000 Texans Vote in 2020

To turn Texas blue in 2020, the Texas Democratic Party is engaging in an array of initiatives that will protect and expand the vote. One of the most vital ways in which we’re growing the electorate and fighting back against Republican voter suppression is by allowing hundreds of thousands of Texans to vote-by-mail

Today, the Texas Democratic Party launched its Vote-by-Mail Fund to fully fund the largest vote-by-mail program in the organization’s history. It’s not always feasible to travel to a polling place come election day, particularly if you’re over 65, if you have a disability, or if you’ll be out of the country. That’s why we’re running the most comprehensive, Democratic, statewide vote-by-mail program. Throughout the last three election cycles, we’ve nearly tripled the number of Democratic votes by mail. 

This election, we will send over 925,000 vote-by-mail applications, but we can’t make a Texas-sized impression at the ballot box without your help.

Once Texas Democrats receive vote-by-mail sponsorship, we mail applications to voters using advanced modeling, which ensures the applications reach the targeted Democratic voters needed to turn Texas blue. To top it off, we have one of the highest application return rates in the country. In 2018 alone, 70% of those who received an application voted in 2018, compared to 53% turnout among all voters. 

“I’ve been doing this for a long time and I know that without a doubt elections are won and lost because of vote-by-mail.”

Glen Maxey, Former State Representative

We’ve seen the ways in which Republicans actively suppress voting access. Governor Greg Abbott and former Secretary of State David Whitley attempted to purge the voter rolls, and employed voter suppression tactics that targeted communities of color. Republicans are strategically zeroing in on likely Democratic voters and purposefully introducing hurdles that suppress voting access. 

These efforts go against everything Texas stands for. When some of us are actively prevented from exercising our democratic right to vote, the integrity of our elections suffers the consequences. 

Our vote-by-mail program makes it easier for eligible Texans to make their voices heard on election day. The program eliminates many of the hurdles that discourage or disallow vote-by-mail applicants from casting a ballot. With the elimination of straight-ticket voting, voters will need to spend a longer amount of time at the polls. By reducing the need for in-person voting among eligible Texans, we’re subsequently increasing voter turnout more broadly by minimizing the lines and crowds at polling stations. 

In order to make our Democratic voices louder and more powerful than Republican’s corrupt tactics, we’re mobilizing like never before, getting out the vote at every turn, and using every tool we have to make it easier for Texans to vote. Our vote-by-mail program ensures mobility doesn’t determine whether or not you can participate in our Democracy. 

In order to ensure that no Texan is left behind, and every Democratic vote is counted in 2020, we need all the support we can get. By donating just $25, $15, or even $10, you could sponsor dozens of vote-by-mail applications, help us close the gap, and provide Democrats with the resources to flip Texas in 2020.