November 28, 2017/Media, Press

Governor Abbott Backs Trump Tax Plan That Would Devastate Texas Families

Austin, TX — Today, Republicans on the Senate Budget Committee passed the first hurdle on their tax plan by a narrow margin of 12-11 votes. “Various estimates show the tax plan disproportionately benefits corporations and the wealthy, with many middle class Americans seeing their taxes increase over time.” [Washington Post, November 28, 2017]

Texas Republican Governor Abbott has already voiced his support for the bill saying, “This is a meaningful step toward the type of tax reform the United States needs. I think it’s important especially at the corporate level…”

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Crystal K. Perkins issued the following statement:

“It’s clear Governor Abbott has the best interest of Donald Trump, billionaires, and big corporations at heart, not everyday Texans trying to make ends meet.

“The reality is, the Republican tax plan would devastate the workforce in Texas, squeeze the wallets of homeowners, young people burdened with crushing debt, teachers, and seniors. Texas is the uninsured capital of the nation and this tax plan further continues Trump’s sabotage of healthcare.

“Texas Democrats know we need a fair tax system where the top 1 percent and big corporations pay their fair share to fund the infrastructure we all need to thrive.”