July 24, 2019/Media, Press, War Room

Five Questions Reporters Should Be Asking John Cornyn About the Case of Francisco Erwin Galicia

Austin, TX — Francisco Erwin Galicia is a United States citizen, a Texan, that was detained by ICE for nearly a month. As his elected representative, Senator John Cornyn had a duty to ensure the release of Galicia as soon as he found out about it.

Instead, what did John Cornyn do? Absolutely nothing.

Here are 5 questions that every reporter should be asking John Cornyn on the case of Francisco Erwin Galicia and what it means for the state of Texas.

Question #1
Senator Cornyn, what exactly did you do to secure Galicia’s release?

Question #2

When did you hear about this case and what were your initial reactions to it?

Question #3

Does this change your opinion of detention facilities here in Texas? Especially after a United States citizen is held in a detention facility for weeks?

Question #4

How exactly would your HUMANE Act have prevented something like this from happening?

Question #5

Why did you refuse to speak up against this atrocity and why do you refuse to stand up for your own constituents?

Once again, John Cornyn Refuses to Stand Up for Texans in Need.