January 10, 2020/Blog, Media

Donald Trump Is Recklessly Putting the United States at the Brink of War with Iran

Today, the House of Representatives voted 224-194, in a bipartisan vote, to limit Donald Trump’s ability to start a war with Iran without Congressional approval.

The Trump Administration has recklessly put the United States at the brink of all-out war by provoking a crisis with Iran. Although Iranian General Qasem Soleimani deserved to be brought to justice, by assassinating a high-ranking Iranian military official and drastically escalating geopolitical tensions, Donald Trump’s flagrant actions have put American lives around the world in danger. Congress deserves a full account of the supposed “imminent threat” the American people faced prior to the assassination of Soleimani. The President is responsible for protecting the safety and security of the American people, which is why the Trump Administration must now work with Congress on a comprehensive strategy going forward that minimizes the risk to American lives without entering another reckless ongoing war in the Middle East. 

The Trump Administration’s actions have had repercussions on American military operations across the region. The American-led coalition has been forced to halt its efforts at defeating ISIS; Americans in Iraq have had to be evacuated; and Iran has abdicated nuclear limits, which could drastically advance its nuclear program. The rising tensions between the United States and Iran could lead to an all-out war, which Donald Trump cannot have the sole authority to authorize. Trump’s strike was spearheaded without authorization from Congress, nor did his administration consult or even alert congressional leaders ahead of time, further indicating that this decision was not handled properly.

What the United States needs is real diplomacy, not what we saw from Trump when it came to North Korea – a haphazard, temporary de-escalation that failed to include any semblance of strategy. 

The American people do not want another all-out war in the Middle East, nor do they want to see American troops and allies in the region endangered. 

Donald Trump baselessly vowed to the American people that he would stop “endless wars” in the Middle East. Now, it’s time for the President to work with Congress on a strategy going forward, that will shield the American people and our country from the repercussions of his dangerous, reckless decision.