July 22, 2020/Media, Press

BREAKING: The Texas Democratic Party Calls on Texas Supreme Court Justice Paul Green to Resign Before August 24th Deadline for a Special Election

Texans Should Decide Their Supreme Court Justices, Not Greg Abbott

Austin, TX — Today, Texas Supreme Court Justice Paul Green announced his plan to retire from the bench on August 31.

If Green follows through and resigns after August 24, his resignation will fail to trigger a special election, and failed Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott will be able to choose his successor, who will be locked into a term ending in 2022.

However, if Green resigns immediately, it will allow the people of Texas to vote in a special election for the next justice on the Texas Supreme Court. There is an election coming up in November. With four other Supreme Court seats up in November, the people of Texas should be able to vote on Green’s successor and the entire composition of the court at that time.                                                                                                                                                       

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa Issued the Following Statement:

“Justice Green must tender his resignation immediately. After a long career playing partisan politics at the expense of Texans, the timing of Green’s resignation is a final blow to the will of the people. Green purposely timed his resignation to disenfranchise Texans and not let them choose their next Texas Supreme Court Justice. That is dead wrong and against the fundamental principles of our democracy and the sanctity of the Texas Supreme Court.

“Resigning a week after the filing deadline is a cynical political move intended to salvage the crumbling Republican lock on the Texas Supreme Court, allowing political partisans to inflict the will of their donors on the people of Texas.

“Enough is enough. With so much at-stake, Justice Green must not allow Greg Abbott to supersede the democratic will of the people. Democracy must reign supreme in Texas. The people should choose their justices, not Greg Abbott.”