October 14, 2020/Media, Press

BREAKING: Texas Tops At Least 1 Million Voters on First Day of Early Voting

Urban Counties See Record-Breaking Turnout

AUSTIN, Texas—Today, the Houston Chronicle reported, Texans voted in record-breaking numbers on the first day of early voting, topping at least 1 million voters with several counties yet to report their vote totals.

Urban and Suburban strongholds broke records yesterday, with the following counties having their highest first day of early vote ever:

  • Harris County: 128,186 in-person votes and 41,337 mail ballots

  • Dallas County: At least 59,734 in-person votes

  • Travis County: 35,873 in-person votes

  • Collin County: Nearly 40,000 Votes

  • El Paso County: 11,000 in-person votes and almost 15,000 mail ballots

  • Williamson County: 22,688 in-person votes

  • Denton County: 35,944 in-person votes

  • Tarrant County: 42,414 in-person votes and more than 33,000 mail ballots

  • Hidalgo County: 18,805 in-person votes

  • Cameron County: 10,995 in-person votes

  • Galveston County: 17,770 in-person votes


Across our state, Texas Democrats are Fired Up and Ready to Win.


Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Across our state, Texas Democrats are fired up, voting, and ready to win. We broke records voting in urban and suburban counties and Texas has surpassed 1 million total first-day early votes, an all-time record.

“Texans are looking for change and leaders who will provide competent leadership. They want leaders who will end the coronavirus crisis, protect our healthcare, fight for racial justice, and build our economy back better. The first day of early voting was great but we still know that there is a lot of work to do and plenty of votes to be cast.

“Our power starts with the ballot box and ends with taking back all levels of government from Republicans who have failed Texans time and time again. Make your plan to vote at MyTexasVotes.com.”