May 6, 2020/Media, Press

BREAKING: Texas Democratic Party Files Motion for Emergency Relief to Force Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton to Follow the Law

Austin, TX — Last night, the Texas Democratic Party filed a motion for emergency relief to ensure that Texas government officials follow the law and a valid court order ensuring that counties and voters do not fear applying for and processing vote-by-mail applications in Texas.

From the Motion:

“Without emergency relief, Appellees and their members, along with thousands of similarly situated voters, remain in legal limbo, on the one hand seeking to avail themselves of rights clarified by the state’s judicial branch while on the other hand being subjected to possible investigation and criminal prosecution by part of the executive branch for the same activity.”

Abbott and Paxton Must Follow the Law.

To View the Full Motion for Emergency Relief, click here.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Abbott and Paxton need to follow the court decisions and stop threatening thousands of Texans, election officials, and counties for following the law. The rule of law is the deciding factor, and Abbott and Paxton must stop threatening counties and voters with criminal prosecution for following the rule of law and voting by mail.

“Indicted Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton wrote an unlawful letter threatening Texans who are seeking safe voting opportunities. This is dead wrong. Paxton’s directive is in direct opposition to the ruling of the court and shows that Texas Republicans will stop at nothing to scare people from voting.

“Make no mistake about it: Texans under the age of 65 deserve the opportunity to vote by mail and the information they need to do so. They deserve clear and concise guidance as to whether they are eligible to vote and how to request a mail-in-ballot if so. The Texas Democratic Party will never stop fighting to protect their right to vote.”