October 9, 2021/Media, Press

BREAKING: John Lujan Campaign Canvassing With Insider Knowledge Of Runoff Election Date, Not Yet Public

AUSTIN, Texas — This week, images emerged appearing to show RNC Hispanic Engagement Director in San Antonio Natalia Godoy campaigning on behalf of Republican House District 118 candidate John Lujan with inside knowledge of the runoff election date — which Gov. Abbott has not yet publicly announced, and which has not been shared with Democratic candidate Frank Ramirez or H.D. 118 voters. The flyer being distributed in the images appears to be authorized by the official Lujan campaign.


Images appear to show RNC Hispanic Engagement Director in San Antonio Natalia Godoy campaigning for Lujan with knowledge of the election date not yet available to the public.

Why do the Republican H.D. 118 candidate’s campaign and the RNC seem to know when the runoff election is when that information is not yet public, nor has it been shared with the Democratic campaign or voters in this district? Are Republicans getting inside information from the governor, using his power to sway the election? If that’s the case, this is election interference, pure and simple. Texas Democrats demand answers from Abbott now.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“The runoff date for the House District 118 election hasn’t been announced. It hasn’t been shared with Democratic candidate Frank Ramirez and it hasn’t been shared with voters. So why is a John Lujan supporter — who is a local RNC affiliate — handing out flyers paid for by the Lujan campaign telling San Antonians the date of the election?

“If the Lujan campaign is getting a headstart in this election because they’re getting inside knowledge, that’s election interference, pure and simple. Greg Abbott sets the date of this runoff. If our governor is meddling in this election and trying to sway the outcome of our democratic process, every single Texan needs to know. I urge every reporter to ask Abbott whether he leaked election knowledge to the Lujan campaign, because this smacks of corruption and foul play. San Antonio voters deserve answers.”

Democratic Candidate for House District 118 Frank Ramirez issued the following statement:

“San Antonians deserve to be able to choose their representatives at the ballot box, in a free election, fair and square. If one candidate is getting insider information to tip the scales in favor of his campaign, that’s not a level playing field — that is deliberately undermining our democracy. Lujan needs to answer to San Antonians immediately about why his campaign appears to be conspiring with the governor to cheat H.D. 118 voters out of their right to have a fair say in who represents our community. 

“In San Antonio, we value fair play. We value our democracy. We value having an equal say in our future so we can decide what’s best for our communities. Meddling in an election — or seeking an unfair advantage to cheat your way to winning — is a stark contradiction to the values San Antonians hold dear. And right now, in this critical election to decide who will represent this district in the Texas House, San Antonians deserve to know exactly who their candidates are and what they stand for.”