January 8, 2018/Media

Abbott’s pay-to-play administration favors donors and excludes women and people of color

Austin, TX — As reported by Peggy Fikac, Gov. Greg Abbott’s appointments have collectively donated over 14 million dollars to his campaign war chest since 2001. Also, “despite pleas for more diversity and less of a big-money presence, Gov. Greg Abbott’s appointments to state boards and commissions remain largely Anglo men…” [Houston Chronicle, January 5, 2018]

Key Highlights:

“Since taking office as governor in January 2015, Abbott has appointed 889 people to boards or elevated them to chairmanships. Two hundred fifty-nine of those picks — and their spouses in some cases — have donated roughly a combined $14.2 million to Abbott’s campaigns since June 2001”

Almost one-third of Governor Abbott’s appointees are Republican donors… “their tally is part of more than $130 million in donations since 2001 – when Abbott left the Texas Supreme Court and successfully ran for attorney general, a move that put him on the path to becoming governor.”

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Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“You shouldn’t be able to buy Texas government. It’s clear Governor Abbott is more concerned with filling his campaign war chest than finding solutions to the challenges Texas families are facing.

“Governor Abbott’s pay-to-play scheme mocks women, people of color, and insults Texas values.

“One thing is certain, Texas Democrats are fired up and fighting back. We believe government should serve all Texans, not just the powerful, well-to-do, and well-connected. It’s time to elect leaders that respect the diversity of our great state.”