May 19, 2020/Media, Press

Abbott Continues to Lie, Texans Continue To Die

Texas Republicans like Greg Abbott Do Not Care About Whether You Live or Die

Austin, TX — This weekend, amidst record-breaking cases and the highest number of deaths in Texas since the coronavirus outbreak began, the Texas Observer reported that Texas was including antibody testing as part of its test case count.

When Governor Abbott was confronted about these doctored tests, he lied about the testing. The Texas Department of State Health Services actually has been mixing antibody tests with active virus tests. 

Governor Abbott Continues to Lie. 

Yesterday, the Houston Chronicle investigative team concluded that “Rising cases, inadequate tracing put Texas at risk during reopening” and “Texas has failed to meet key criteria designed to guide the reopening of the state, even as Gov. Greg Abbott pushes to lift more public health restrictions.” Governor Abbott has mismanaged this crisis so badly, he has not met federal or his own coronavirus benchmarks, falling behind where we should be.

Abbott has even disregarded the advice of his own medical advisors. Dr. Mark McClellan, a member of the Governor’s “Strike Force,” recently admitted that “expanded testing and contact tracing should have been in place before the Texas economy was reopened.” 

Texans Continue to Die. 

Meanwhile, Abbott manipulates testing numbers. Abbott doesn’t care about your health or whether you live or die. Abbott was going to push forth with his phase two plan to reopen Texas no matter what. 

Texas Democratic Party Communications Director Abhi Rahman issued the following statement:

“As Governor Abbott continues to lie, Texans continue to die. Governor Abbott was never going to slow down and listen to data or doctors before reopening Texas, he was going to do it regardless of what the numbers said. We all want life to get back to normal. However, Texans don’t feel safe, and manipulating the data isn’t going to help Texans feel comfortable going outside. We must increase our testing capacity and follow the advice of doctors and experts or we will be hit with a devastating second wave.”